We Lead and Facilitate High Performance, Profit, and Growth.
We Develop Fearless Leadership, on Purpose.

About Rudy Miick

At Rudy Miick Consulting we lead all our work with Passion and Purpose. We work at your side as guide and coach, as part of your team. We’ve taken our expertise in concept development, operations, and growth of highly profitable restaurant and resort companies, and applied those methods and models to guide and coach leaders in a myriad of industries.

Rudy is a pioneer in whole systems business development — what has, in recent years, been called “Conscious Capitalism,” “Conscious Leadership,” and "Trust and Track" management techniques. His data based methods (many industry groundbreaking) are proactive and anticipatory. Miick tools triangulate results to achieve explicitly defined goals. Rudy does not theorize, he and his team perform.

The Rudy Miick brand began as a unique restaurant consulting firm. Thirty years and more than 1,600 successful projects later, Rudy’s work builds on purpose, and is guided by clearly defined values that inform every choice and action. We know how to awaken passion, happiness, and tangible goals through a whole systems approach within any industry.

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The Miick Method

We work on Purpose, guided by our Values. This choice has been potent for both us and our clients whether the path is clear or not, and all the more when the journey is arduous. Along the way, we’ve identified six steps that have to be taken to create, maintain, and expand excellence. This is the case regardless of industry, regardless of size, or scope of the project. At first these six steps were intuitive. Over the years each has become definitive, a fine-tuned system, data based and tested time and again.

What’s equally true is the six steps are not rolled out as a cookie cutter model. The systems are consistent, and at the same time there is unique nuance critical to every client system and situation.

Each of the six steps stands on its own and simultaneously supports all the others. To maintain excellence, we’ve found that each is needed in some way, shape, or form. We call it, “Building the Brand from the Inside Out.”™

The Miick Method includes the following six steps:

Meet The Team

For the Miick team, learning isn’t just a classroom experience. Each member of our faculty is the real deal, experts in their worlds of facilitation of guided discovery and experiential learning. As a result you get tangible results. Every one of our team members comes to you having used Miick systems in their own careers and lives. That is the Miick way. We provide knowledge and skill aligned with mindful, conscious actions. On your chosen journey, you’ll find everyone from our team to be more of a guide climbing with you than a coach on the sidelines.

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Clients and Projects

We’ve been guide and confidant to more than 1,500 clients in eight different industries, on three continents. We’ve led the way in work aligned on Purpose, full of passion, and guided by Values. Our results are resolutely successful. We support each of our clients to more clearly understand why they’re in business, and how to be more effective with both top and bottom line performance, no matter what it is being created, manufactured, sold, or shared.

We understand the difference between a brand promise and Brand Experience. We know how to get you the results you want, to align your team, to get rid of drama, and to move the Brand Experience you’ve dreamt about into a tangible goal achieved.

Here’s a partial list of our clients outside the restaurant and foodservice industry that we’ve been honored to work with:
American Express Card Related Services, Beaver Creek Mountain Resort, Computrition Inc., DOC, Dyson Vacuum, IES, Johnson & Wales University, Mass. General Hospital, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, Packsize, Rhodes Auto, Snowbird Mountain Resort, Snow Summit Mountain Resort, Top Kick, UCLA Extension, Vail Resort Ski & Ride School, Warner Bros. Studios, Wintergreen Resort, Winter Park Mountain Resort, and many more.