Conscious Communication for Partners

How incredible would it be to have a common language that couples and partners can use to better communicate?

How much easier would it be in business or personal relationships to have tools to overcome challenging dialogues?

Wouldn’t it be great to have open, honest, effective conversations that help drive positive outcomes?

We’ve been hearing from you for at least a couple of years, “Please present a program where I can share conscious communication with my wife, husband, partner.”

The time’s finally here! We’re able to say, “Yes!”

We’re calling this program “Conscious Communication™ for Partners.”

This 3.5-day event is taking place at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs, California. Our event is open to any couples or partners you know that may take advantage of Conscious Communication in their lives.


  • Refine the ability to hear more effectively
  • Get help sharing what you’re thinking or feeling more efficiently
  • Gain knowledge to step into and get out of conflict safer and faster
  • Avoid drama, build respect and appreciation
  • Leave with a whole new set of skills to help you communicate more effectively with your partner

Conscious Communication for Partners from Miick Companies


  • Our Client family, you know who you are!

“I’m using Conscious Communication™ actively at work and in my life! Our leaders and team have been positively impacted. I’ve shared what I can with my wife, husband, significant other, and our kids.”

At Miick, as we’ve heard many times, “I’d like my partner to go through the experience I did to learn these communication tools.”

  • Friends of our Client Family!

We’ve heard this many times, too:

“I have a buddy that can not stop talking about the impact of Conscious Communication™ on their team and family. I’d like to learn this stuff for myself and my partner.”

We know our friends want to share a higher level of effective communication and new ways to communicate without drama.

What we’ll experience:

Conscious Communication is a living breathing tool set. The more each of us knows, the more effective we become, and the next layer of skill and awareness shows up. There is no, “I’ve been through this three times, I know it.” Each time we step into this tool set consciously, the more skill and understanding evolves, gets clearer, deeper, and more effective.

“I get to share with my partner and he/she with me, our own new learning, ahaa’s and lightbulbs flashing with new potential!”

What this event isn’t:

Make no mistake, this is NOT a marriage or family counseling retreat. At the same time, we’re in a lovely location, with time for each participant to reflect, to connect, and to share tools that will take partnership to new levels by gaining the tools and ability to deal with any life or business issue.

What we’ll learn:

I’ll learn how to “stay present,” to reduce and/or stay out of drama. At the same time, as active participants we’ll both get new ways to honor being in and getting through real life frustration, anger, hurt, passion, happiness!