Fiscal Systems

Anticipatory Fiscal Systems

Most companies wait for a financial statement to make decisions. One of our clients calls this managing by autopsy. From this backward-looking perspective we’re already behind and too late to make solid decisions based on current data.

All Miick clients are supported with fiscal systems that are both simple and which look ahead. Anticipatory fiscal systems are ones that let us know our costs of doing business today, and more so, based on today and our week to date, how we will do in the coming days, weeks, and months. We know how to create and run profitable, fiscally healthy companies, regardless of industry, thanks to all we learned from the fast-paced daily business management of restaurants. In 30 years we’ve not had a single project that did not achieve the fiscal goals defined at the outset on purpose and using company values to make those fiscal decisions.

Since our very beginning Miick has been known for the creation of anticipatory costing systems, and the ability to define metrics that can be tracked daily to move the financial performance needle. Miick works by your side to develop and support these tools and systems that can literally improve fiscal performance in days.