Hiring Systems

Hiring On Purpose

Another crucial step in our integrated method for successful growth and change is in the way we hire. Over the years our hiring methodology has created two consistent outcomes: 1) applicants know in advance the culture they are joining and the performance expected of them, and 2) leaders doing the interviewing clearly understand the excellence criterion they’re looking for. There are rarely surprises. Leaders and applicants both step into the decision to join an organization by choice, rather than by chance. This rigorous focus on hiring with conscious precision works to create higher retention, and it’s a key contributor to creating great experiences for everyone, customers and team members alike.

In our experience applying the Miick Method of hiring, by being definitive about Purpose, Values, and levels of performance excellence, approximately 20% of applicants will self select out before we ever spend a moment of time with them.

Mentoring leaders and team members to interview through an integrated Hiring System is a magical process to experience. Miick does not just leave you with technology or a work-book. We’re by your side training, mentoring, and tracking skill sets in this robust hiring system. Hiring right becomes another metric by which our clients see dramatic improvements in just a few weeks.