Know Who We Are

Know Who We Are and What Actions Define Excellence

To truly thrive, it’s critical to understand why we’re in business beyond profit. To be able to answer the question, “What is it we provide through our products?” is profoundly empowering to any organization. The answer provides a sense of deeper purpose in work, and allows each individual in every role within a company the opportunity to have true pride in their participation.

A great example from the world of hospitality involves the word “restaurant” itself. The root translation of the word means “a place one goes to be restored.” “Restaurateur” literally translates to “restorer of soul.” The example is thus: I am hired as a barista, a dead-end job one might imagine. However, if I understand my work is truly to restore soul as I serve beverages in less than a minute, how might I do that? This restoral of soul becomes the goal of my work, and of my team’s work. I may look like a barista, but I am a restorer of soul. My work is to have you feel different when you depart than when you arrived. This understanding of deeper purpose is contagious and connected.

In other words, how do I make a difference? How do we make a difference in people’s lives?

Part of knowing who we are is also having a defined sense of values. Values exist in all companies. Most are simply implicit, and can often therefore be inconsistent. By consciously defining values and by using Purpose and Values as active tools, we’ve found that actions become clear, data-based, and profoundly effective.

A team member either performs or does not with an understanding of Purpose and Values. A company either leads or does not with a sense of Purpose and Values. Instead of being obscure, expedient, or malleable to internal politics, Purpose and Values are explicit. We know who we are, and we commit to being that. Join us as an employee or as a customer if you believe likewise.