Leadership Development And Outdoor Programs

All Our Programs Are The Real Deal !

No rope’s courses here. Nothing fake. In the summer we’re in the high country hiking and camping, or working on rock, technical climbing. If your choice is water, you won’t be disappointed either. Blue Water Sailing, stand up paddling, canoe paddling, body surfing, are all endeavors that support great leadership and team development. In the North American winter, we’re based at Beaver Creek Resort, and Vail, in Colorado.
You’ll find more offerings coming to our calendar in 2013. Stay posted. Also, be in touch and we can custom design outdoor programs for you and your team anywhere in the world. At Miick you get life long learning provided in experiential design. Real results in real life and with world class coaches and action!

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Leadership In The Fall Line

We get it. You’re a strong skier or would like to be. There’s no doubt you’re good at what you do, you’re a success. The goals you’ve set, you’ve achieved. Now what? What’s next?

Leadership in the Fall Line® is for you! In the Fall Line is a Full Emersion Leadership Adventure that uses alpine skiing as a vibrant metaphor for real world business and life situations. Beaver Creek Ski School’s latest special program provides you a three and a half day retreat that takes your skill sets further and into counter-intuitive new learning.

Outcome: surprising tools and lifelong learning on and off the slopes.

The mountain is our playground and our classroom.

  • As good as you are, you know there’s more

  • Explore possibilities presently unimaginable and counter-intuitive (yes, its that good a program)

  • Develop your abilities to act more effectively, more instinctively, and in new ways

  • Work with World-Class ski coaches and World-Class leadership coaches

  • Work and play with other leaders who share your passion

Just as a new project holds unique challenge and learning daily, so does each of the 3.5 days of this event.

Imagine how, conditions change and decisions get made in the moment:  When to turn, how much edge to use, how much energy to expend. Habits emerge;some serve and some do not. In our program, new learning and skills are established in places you won’t have thought possible.  Step in, develop your abilities to manage energy, celebrate strengths and new learning that gets you to balance, grace, speed, and effectiveness. These are lessons for a lifetime.

Executive Summary:

Your leadership adventure is based at The Osprey at Beaver Creek, a RockResort, in late February. From this ski in ski out vantage point, exploration, learning and goals development is constant from breakfast through dinner. New learning is shared and applied on the slopes. Intense, rewarding and fun, this is executive learning at its best. Our unique program delivers results. Attendees rave about major shifts to the positive in their performance both professionally and personally. You deserve to be here.

Click on our February 24,2015 event for more information.

Click on our August 15, 2014 event at Portillo, Chile for more information.


Who Should Attend:

Leaders who are seekers, partners, your core decision makers, your leadership team, senior officers who know there’s more they can be, and those being mentored for top leadership.

More Details,Specifics for you:

Life Long Learning in 3 Days – Download PDF
What I Need to Know! – Download PDF
My Personal Goals – Download PDF


“Our work with the Miick team shifted our turnover from 185% per annum to less than 25% within one business quarter.” – Nick Sarillo, Inc. Magazine’s “Blue Collar Millionaire (In the fall line graduate 2005)
“Miick’s work on purpose, values and communication are game changing. Rudy Miick is the best facilitator I have experienced during my thirty-one years as a foodservice executive. The Miick tools especially in the areas of communication and team building work for all levels of an organization both professionally and personally. I am a better person thus more effective in all aspects of my life because of my journey with Miick & Associates.” – Louis J. Basile, Jr. Wildflower Bread Company Founder/President
“The thing I most appreciate about you, Rudy, is a trait all too often absent in people – the ability to be and remain present in a conversation. It’s a gift to me when we’re speaking, and it opens the door for truth and possibility. Thanks for that.” – Joe Parent, Manager of Learning Systems, Hannaford Supermarkets, Delhaize America

“…The tools that I have learned through Safe Space, and developing Purpose and Values for our business are skills that have improved my life”…”I am now awake to many places where I miss the mark. However, the tools also point me to how I can course correct and improve.”…”My increased awareness through working with Rudy has made me a better father and husband, as well as better co-worker.”… “There is another aspect of my experience with Rudy that stands out. FUN. I really enjoy the time I spend with Rudy. He has such a positive and infectious SPIRIT. I just enjoy my time with him so very much.” – Jim Weisgerber, co-owner Bethany Blues & The Starboard, $35M Restaurant company
… “The work Miramont Lifestyle Fitness did with Miick and Associates fundamentally changed the culture of our Business.” “…The results are irrefutable from a place of pure data: record sales numbers; record member retention numbers; a fourth club; a Purposeful, substantial reduction in expenses and an improved bottom line.
While I am energized by the results our company’s experienced, I am most thankful for the personal impact that Rudy’s had on me. As a result of my experience I am a more effective leader, manager, husband, father, brother – a more effective man.
My intention is to communicate to you the profound impact that Miick has had on our company and on me personally.” – Shane Hunsinger, CFO Miramont Lifestyle Fitness


The Miick Team, PSIA Demo Team Members and Top Rocky Mountain Examiners. The coach ratio is 1:3.


Please call us at 303-413-0400 for pricing, group discounts, and booking.
This is an all-inclusive package excluding airfare.


Beaver Creek, CO 81620 USA
Portillo, Chile


Rudy Miick, 303-413-0400 info@miick.com

Leadership In Blue Water

2103 Dates To Be Announced In March

Sailing a boat is a lot like running a business. That is, whether in calm waters or rough seas, all hands must work together in unison. Leadership in Blue Water™ will teach you new leadership and teamwork skills in an environment mostly unfamiliar to humans, the deep waters of the ocean.
Through controlled confrontation and our proven ECI™ learning methods, you will learn to remove obstacles and charter a course to higher performance.

Team Building Programs

Our sailing venues include your choice of the Caribbean, the Pacific, or the Maine coast. Our partners support your learning, team building, and leadership development in the waters closest to your home, or to the destination of your dreams. Miick’s expert sailors, divers and facilitators coordinate your development curriculum and help you meet your goals.
Four, seven, and ten-day programs are available. Please contact us for more information.
We offer comprehensive leadership programs and intensive company team-building conferences, family effectiveness and cohesion, and custom seminars.
Please contact us to learn more about >Leadership in Blue Water™.
Minimum three-day programs. Please contact us for more information.

Leadership And Mountaineering

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Click on our August 1, 2014 for more information.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders who are seekers, partners, your core decision makers, your leadership team, senior officers who know there’s more they can be, and those being mentored for top leadership.

More Details, Specifics For You:

Fusce et bibendum – Download PDF
Fusce et bibendum– Download PDF
Fusce et bibendum– Download PDF


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