Leadership in the Fall Line from Miick

Are you ready to be a better skier?

Are your ready to be a stronger person?

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? 

Leadership in the Fall Line® is for you! 

One of the world’s premier leadership development retreats, Leadership in the Fall Line is designed to guide dynamic performance in leadership, business, management, and life. Using the beautiful mountains as both our classroom and playground, skiing will become a powerful metaphor and offer incredible insight into how Leadership in the Fall Line participants approach risk, changing conditions, and decision making.

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Leadership in the Fall Line® is an elite retreat partnering with world class resorts, ski coaches, and leadership facilitators. Together, we accelerate your growth both personally and professionally. The learning continues long after we leave the mountain.

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Find more information on Leadership in the Fall Line® at http://www.leadershipinthefallline.com or give us a call! (303) 859-4408

The mountain is our playground and classroom.

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Benefits of Leadership in the Fall Line from Miick

Just as a new project holds unique challenges and daily learning, so does each day of this event. Imagine how conditions change and decisions get made in the moment. Step in, develop your abilities to manage, celebrate strengths, effectiveness, and new learning. These are lessons for a lifetime.



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Leaders who are seekers, life long learners, partners, core decision makers, leadership teams, senior officers who know there’s more they can be, and those being mentored for top leadership.


The Miick Team, PSIA Demo Team Members, and Top Rocky Mountain Examiners.


Please call us at 303.859.4408 or email leadershipinthefallline@miick.com for pricing, private group options, and booking.

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Testimonials for Leadership in the Fall Line


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“…Our work with the Miick team shifted our turnover from 185% per annum to less than 25% within one business quarter.” – Nick Sarillo, Inc. Magazine’s “Blue Collar Millionaire (In the fall line graduate 2005)

“…Miick’s work on purpose, values and communication are game changing. Rudy Miick is the best facilitator I have experienced during my thirty-one years as a foodservice executive. The Miick tools especially in the areas of communication and team building work for all levels of an organization both professionally and personally. I am a better person thus more effective in all aspects of my life because of my journey with Miick & Associates.” – Louis J. Basile, Jr. Wildflower Bread Company Founder/President

“…The thing I most appreciate about you, Rudy, is a trait all too often absent in people – the ability to be and remain present in a conversation. It’s a gift to me when we’re speaking, and it opens the door for truth and possibility. Thanks for that.” – Joe Parent, Manager of Learning Systems, Hannaford Supermarkets, Delhaize America

“…The tools that I have learned through Safe Space, and developing Purpose and Values for our business are skills that have improved my life”…”I am now awake to many places where I miss the mark. However, the tools also point me to how I can course correct and improve.”…”My increased awareness through working with Rudy has made me a better father and husband, as well as better co-worker.”… “There is another aspect of my experience with Rudy that stands out. FUN. I really enjoy the time I spend with Rudy. He has such a positive and infectious SPIRIT. I just enjoy my time with him so very much.” – Jim Weisgerber, co-owner Bethany Blues & The Starboard, $35M Restaurant company

“…The work Miramont Lifestyle Fitness did with Miick and Associates fundamentally changed the culture of our Business.” “…The results are irrefutable from a place of pure data: record sales numbers; record member retention numbers; a fourth club; a Purposeful, substantial reduction in expenses and an improved bottom line. While I am energized by the results our company’s experienced, I am most thankful for the personal impact that Rudy’s had on me. As a result of my experience I am a more effective leader, manager, husband, father, brother – a more effective man.