Training Systems

Ongoing Training

With your organization’s definitions of brand excellence rigorously articulated in all jobs and operational functions, ongoing training becomes the key to supporting and improving team member choice and performance. No matter the level of performance a team member might currently be at, our custom experiential training programs will support relevant skill building and understanding of behaviors on purpose. This vigorous training commitment ensures a consistent and deepening brand experience for members, guests, clients, customers, and internal team members.

We’ve seen it with client after client, as effective training increases, turnover costs decrease in an inverse relationship. Effective experiential training is a foundation piece of the Miick program that helps our clients quickly separate themselves from their competition.

The Miick team is expert at experiential training design and implementation. We are at your side to whatever degree is needed, depending on your internal resources. Results? Retention of information rates at 90+% and radical reductions in employee turnover. All of which helps drive both top and bottom line performance.